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In order to benefit from zone skipping services the shipper must be able to produce enough packages to justify a linehaul into the Delivery Net consolidation hub. Your Delivery Net sales representative can determine if your profile matches this requirement.

Parcel Zone Skipping
Parcel Zone Skipping


Delivery Net is the market leader in Canada for parcel zone skipping services for both the B2C and B2B markets. Many parcel shippers are unfamiliar with this unique service and how it can help them lower parcel delivery costs by as much as 20% annually.

What is zone skipping?

Parcel zone skipping is a frequently used transportation option to get parcels delivered at the lowest possible cost. Zone skipping refers to the act of moving the parcel across rate zones and dropped at a local carrier hub to attract the lowest last mile delivery charge.

Is zone skipping right for your company?

In order for zone skipping to be effective, several factors must be accounted for:

Pick-up Density – This is perhaps the most important factor. Click here to find out why.

Shipping Profile – To truly benefit from zone skipping, your shipments need to cross multiple zones – and the more zones your shipments cross, the more effective the service.

Why is Parcel Zone Skipping used by every major eCommerce retailer?

  • Significant cost reductions by moving parcels to local entry points
  • Faster delivery to local entry points creating quicker overall transits to the recipient
  • Full tracking visibility available during the zone skipping leg
  • Ability to fulfill and ship orders processed on the weekend – improving transit times and enhancing the weekend shopping experience

Can my Clients still Track their Parcels?

This is certainly a common question, as the market leader for parcel zone skipping in Canada Delivery Net has built three delivery milestones into our shipment handling. These three delivery milestones allow eCommerce clients to see their package continue its journey until it reaches the last mile delivery vendor. Shipment visibility and tracking has a direct correlation to client satisfaction and the Delivery Net milestone program delivers this critical feature. If you believe Parcel Zone Skipping makes sense for your business please contact a Delivery Net sales representative to discuss the service.