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Returns Management
Returns Management


Our returns management solutions simplify the returns process for eCommerce retailers and manufacturers who want to improve the client experience and the value of returned assets. Our Canadian returns solution integrates an eCommerce designed duty and tax drawback program that ensures the taxes are recovered for 100% of all returns.

The Delivery Net returns program provides a central Canadian return address allowing consolidation of shipments which means reduced shipping, customs, and border clearance fees.

We manage the end-to-end process including package receipt, scanning, sorting, triage, and the ultimate return of the product.

The Delivery Net Advantage

  • Reverse Logistics - We manage customer returns and swaps while facilitating returns and reporting; manage returns exceptions; and link to client transactions as required.
  • Triage Services - We determine the best disposition for every return, from sending the product back to forward inventory, recycling, or liquidation.
  • On-line Returns - Our scalable web solution for package returns provides customers with an on-line service to handle processing and tracking the full scope of returns activity.
  • Customer Care - Through our contact center we provide real-time support, troubleshooting, and returns administration. Our clients can proactively address the reasons for a return, resolve customer dissatisfaction, and manage the returns management authorization (RMA) process.

Case Study

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