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Live Green


Live Green is a Delivery Net program to reduce our environmental footprint.

Per capita, Canada is one of the largest energy and resource users in the world. Delivery Net recognizes the role a distribution company can play in influencing this. As a significant energy user and purchaser of materials, Delivery Net has a responsibility to play an active role in helping to preserve our planet.

Live Green is one way that our company can lead by example. Taking a proactive approach to reducing the impact of our operations better enables us to legitimately broaden our scope and focus on helping Canadians solve their environmental challenges.

Under the Live Green umbrella, Delivery Net promotes environmentally sustainable choices. Delivery Net is helping to bring public awareness to climate change by offering these programs in the work place and reducing our impact on the environment.

Building Automation

Our facilities are equipped with building automation systems to conserve energy. Facility Leads review building automation systems settings to ensure that they are optimized to save energy while creating a comfortable environment for our employees.

Multi-stream Recycling

Multi-stream recycling allows our employees to recycle all paper fibre, plastic film, and used beverage containers together in a single recycling compactor, while garbage is placed in other bins. Moving to multi-stream recycling makes it easier for us to handle recycling and has also allowed us to divert new materials, such as paper towels. We are working with our new waste hauler to co-mingle waste streams wherever local material recovery facilities exist.

Plastic Film Recycling

We are always looking for ways to increase our ability to divert waste from landfill. For example, we offer a recovery program from plastic film and shrink wrap used to protect merchandise. We work with a local provider to pick-up and recycle all our plastic film.

Electronic Waste (e-Waste Recycling)

We have made a commitment that no Delivery Net owned electronic equipment will be disposed of in any manner that is not environmentally safe and compliant with Canadian laws. Electronics such as office computers, cell phones and data servers that have reached the end of their useful life are decommissioned and recycled by our IT team.

Paper Recycling

Within our operations, our printers are set to default double-sided; reports are increasingly available online; and bulletins are being streamlined to reduce paper and improve communications.

Shift towards 100% environmentally-preferable paper sources:

  • Source paper through forest certification programs
  • Source paper with post-consumer recycled content